Metadata Professional Organization (MPO) - Meeting and Networking 2012
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  Dan Myers   Dan Myers
Principal Information Quality Educator
  Bob Schork   Bob Schork
Enterprise Data Architect
Nissan North America


Wednesday, May 2, 2012
07:30 AM - 08:20 AM

Level:  Introductory

What is the Metadata Professional Organization?

The Metadata Professional Organization (MPO) is a non-profit international association comprised of business and IT professionals in all areas of metadata practice, including administrators, developers, architects and managers. This meeting will also show the MPO links to other Social networks.

The MPO will be presenting some of the results from our 2011 Metadata Tools Survey. Some of the topics covered will be The Metadata tools used and in which Industries use these tools and how many Tools are used per company. At the end of the session, a Round table discussion will be held in order to answer any questions that you may have, as well as a discussion on bad metadata practices.

Dan Myers (MBA, IQCP) is the principal educator of Data Quality Matters, an eLearning company focused on providing information and data quality learning material. Previously Dan worked as an applications developer, data modeler, and manager of data governance/data quality. Dan's fluency in Japanese enabled him to work in both the public and private sector in Japan.

Bob is an Enterprise Data Architect at Nissan USA Motor Corp, currently working on an Enterprise Data Strategy in the auto industry. Bob has over 30 years of IT experience and over 20 yrs of Metadata Management experience in several different types of Corporations (Transportation, Financial, Retail, Government, to name a few). Bob has performed Metadata Analysis of several Fortune 500 Corporations. He has a background as a Developer and Data Base Administrator, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Administrator, as well as an Enterprise Data Architect. Bob has implemented several metadata solutions at several levels. This includes the creation of Standards and Procedures to help the Enterprise Data Architecture function properly.

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