How to Define Requirements for Managing Your Unstructured Data
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  Christine Connors   Christine Connors
TriviumRLG LLC


Tuesday, May 1, 2012
01:30 PM - 02:20 PM

Level:  Business / Non-Technical

Organizations large and small are recognizing the untapped value in their unstructured data. Inefficiencies in the management and processing of this type of intellectual property lead to significant losses in productivity and new product revenue.

This session will cover three key use cases which trigger improvement projects for the management of unstructured data: productivity, business intelligence and new product generation. We will review the triggers and desired outcomes in each case so that we may identify the tools and processes needed to deliver success. We will also review the capabilities afforded by technology so that participants will understand which requirements can be expected and which may still be ‘blue sky.’

Ms. Connors has extensive experience in taxonomy, ontology and metadata design and development. Prior to forming TriviumRLG Ms. Connors was the global director, semantic technology solutions for Dow Jones, responsible for partnering with business champions across Dow Jones to improve digital asset management and delivery. In that position, she managed a worldwide team responsible for the development of taxonomies, ontologies and metadata that are used to add value to Dow Jones news and financial information products. Ms. Connors also served as business champion for the Synaptica® software application, including managing a US-based team of software developers, and supported Dow Jones consulting practices worldwide, which deliver end-to-end information access solutions based on taxonomies, metadata and semantic technologies. Prior to joining Dow Jones Ms. Connors was a knowledge architect at Intuit, where she was responsible for introducing semantic technologies to online content management and search.

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