Case Study: The Care and Feeding of Unstructured Content - Managing Millions of Documents at LexisNexis
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  Jayne Dutra   Jayne E Dutra
Data Governance
  Laurel Shifrin   Laurel Shifrin
Director, Content Architecture


Tuesday, May 1, 2012
11:15 AM - 12:05 PM

Level:  Business / Non-Technical

At our company we offer unstructured content to customers as our primary product line. Millions of documents in over a hundred content type categories for the United States legal market alone! How do we manage to keep these assets in a high quality state? Who handles the data management issues and how do they do it? Learn the secrets of how we keep our house in order including:
  • How to determine content set ownership
  • What the data owner needs to know about their content set
  • How to define the quality required for a content set
  • How does the data owner manage a content set
  • What are the customer expectations
  • Evaluating content performance
  • Planning for continuous content improvement in a changing environment

Attendees will take away stories and examples of managing unstructured content in an operational environment undergoing a complete re-engineering effort. Examples of content in its pre-modernized and post-modernized states will be given to illustrate the massive change under way and the benefits the company expects to reap in the future.

Jayne Dutra has spent the last 15 years working with controlled vocabularies, metadata and other information structures that allow users to navigate large knowledge collections for effective retreival of data. From 2002 until 2008, she was the Manager of the NASA Taxonomy, which was the first official taxonomy by any U.S. federal agency. For the last three years, Jayne has been at LexisNexis developing Data Governance strategies and initiatives to improve data quality across enterprise legal and business content sets. She is responsible for the creation of a coordinated set of artifacts that have established consistent data management practices, standards and policies for the company.

Laurel Shifrin has been working with markup technologies and information definition and delivery for 18 years. She is the Director of Content Architecture at LexisNexis, responsible for developing a strategic content architecture framework to support the systems that enrich and deliver a wide variety of legal and business content for customers around the world. Her team has developed a library of modularized data models and vocabularies, in multiple formats, to define LexisNexis’s rich collection of international content.

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