Power Panel: How to Survive and Prosper with Data Governance
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  Gwen Thomas   Gwen Thomas
Corporate Data Advocate
IFC, Part of the World Bank Group
  Frank Dravis   Frank Dravis
Director Strategic Programs
Utopia, Inc.
  Steve Sarsfield   Steve Sarsfield
Product Marketing Manager, Data Quality
  Sunil Soares   Sunil Soares
Director, Information Governance


Wednesday, May 2, 2012
02:10 PM - 03:00 PM

Level:  Business / Non-Technical

What makes data governance (DG) valuable and "powerful" within the organization? Is your DG program a robust part of the overall management culture, or fragile and liable for failure? What value does it need to bring in order to last? Do data governance principles and practice remain constant through time, or do they change with each new technology and trend? Our DG Power panel delves into the critical success factors that need to be managed for long term success, and offers some quick tips for short term survival as well.
  • Best examples of where governance pays off - killer anecdotes for your next presentation
  • Where does data governance derive its power?
  • When governance goes bad - tips for avoiding failure and the worst examples NOT to follow
  • New governance challenges introduced by new technologies such as unstructured, cloud, virtualized and big data. Do established techniques and principles still work?
  • Does Big Data mean bigger data governance?

Gwen Thomas is a Data Governance pioneer, helping to define and evangelize the field. Founder of the Data Governance Institute (DGI) and primary author of the framework and guidance materials found at www.datagovernance.com, she has influenced hundreds of programs around the globe. In the spring of 2013, Gwen joined the International Finance Corporation, part of the World Bank Group, as their Corporate Data Advocate.Earlier in her career, Gwen spent a dozen years working in the trenches and in management roles as a systems integration consultant and Knowledge Manager. Information-Management.com has named her one of "17 Women in Technology You Should be Following on Twitter " (she's @gwenthomasdgi) and has included her in their Data Governance Gurus list.

Frank Dravis has twenty-one years of experience in enterprise information management (EIM) solutions design, implementation, and consulting. At Utopia he has recently written two extensive white papers: Creating a Data Quality Strategy, and Data Migration Management that is used as the basis for the Webinar. He has consulted and delivered field services with numerous clients on a wide range of topics from data governance, enterprise data life cycle management, data warehouse deployment, and delivering data for BI initiatives.

Steve Sarsfield is a leading author and expert in data quality and data governance. His book "The Data Governance Imperative" is a comprehensive exploration of data governance from the business perspective. Steve runs an award winning and world recognized blog called the Data Governance and Data Quality Insider. Steve draws practical wisdom and inspiration from his colleagues at Talend and its customers as they venture into their own data governance projects.

Sunil Soares is the Director of Information Governance within IBM Software Group. Sunil has worked with more than a hundred clients across multiple industries including banking, insurance, life sciences, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare and government. Sunil helps clients assess their Information Governance Maturity and determine the appropriate processes and tools to move forward. Sunil has published a book called "The IBM Data Governance Unified Process" that details the fourteen steps and almost one hundred sub-steps to implement an Information Governance program. The book is currently in its second print and has also been translated into Chinese. Sunil has held various sales and marketing roles within IBM Software. Prior to his current role, Sunil was the Director of Worldwide Channels & Alliances for InfoSphere within IBM Software Group where he worked with a number of partners around their Information Governance practices. Prior to joining IBM, Sunil worked at the Financial Services Strategy Consulting Practice of Booz Allen & Hamilton in New York. Sunil lives in New Jersey and holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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