Under the Hood of a Metadata Repository
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  Saad Yacu   Saad Yacu
Manager / Delivery Lead
Allstate Insurance


Tuesday, May 1, 2012
01:30 PM - 02:20 PM

Level:  Intermediate

The presentation will discuss the architecture behind the metadata repository supporting the data warehouse implementation of a large insurance company. The presentation will explain the meta-model behind the metadata repository and the details and metadata collected for each of the meta-model blocks.

The presentation will also discuss the different processes which enable the collection of the metadata from the disparate systems and trace the lineage across the different applications in the enterprise. It will conclude with a discussion of viable alternatives, challenges and some selection criteria to be considered when evaluating alternative options.

Some of the presented topics are:

  • Logical Data Models & Physical Data Stores Metadata
  • Reports and Reporting Models Metadata
  • Data Mapping and ETL Documents
  • Enumerated Codes and Codes Mappings
  • Metrics and Business Rules
  • Metadata Federation
  • System of Records and Lineage

Saad Yacu is the Enterprise Metadata Team Manager at Allstate Insurance and has been a member of the Data Management group for more than 14 years. Saad is the lead architect and designer of the Allstate metadata repository, Data Guide and the Code Management System. Saad is an experienced developer, and leverages his development skills to oversee the design of better solutions for managing the enterprise repository and the codes management system for a large insurance company. Saad was able to position the Code Management System to be an enterprise asset currently used as the system of record by multiple applications for cleansing, verification, or translation of simple and complex codes. Saad is looking forward to this speaking opportunity to be able to share his knowledge, experience, challenges and successes gained from designing and building these enterprise data management solutions.

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