Secure Data Management in the Cloud
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    Mukta Bahl
    Sanjiv Ranjan
Simplify Enterprise Solutions, LLC


Wednesday, May 2, 2012
02:10 PM - 03:00 PM

Level:  Intermediate

The presentation will introduce a Secure Data Management framework, and define, analyze and evaluate its working principles and components. It will provide a structure to answer questions like – where are the data assets? How can these assets be protected and secured? Is accurate and current data being used to make business decisions? Is the right master data used for information integration with business partners? Can compliance with US, European, Canadian and Asia-Pacific data regulatory requirements be assured?

For example, a global pharma/biotech company outsources Drug Development to multiple global Contract Research Organizations (CROs), enables clinical trials and patient management using Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs), but must ensure consistent data management across these sites and solution providers.

The presentation will recommend a path forward for IT departments.

The presentation will walk through actionable data management and governance strategies that can be used to improve business data quality and mitigate security, compliance and privacy risk. We will also share the need to partner with key stakeholders like vendors, legal, etc and evaluate "what worked and what did not work", and provide key takeaways and lessons learned.

Session Objectives

  1. Recognize that one cannot provide security or privacy of data without effective data management - in the cloud, at a partner site or within the data center.
  2. How can one protect data when you don’t know where it resides?
  3. Demonstrate the critical need to align data management and security frameworks to safeguard vital business information.
  4. Define and communicate the components of a Secure Data Management framework.
  5. Evaluate and recommend “what works” and “what does not work” in creating real world Data Management and Risk Management solutions.
  6. Create actionable next steps to move forward with managing and protecting dispersed enterprise data

Mukta Bahl has been creating strong customer partnerships to deliver solutions that advance business strategy and transform business operations. She has in-depth expertise in Architecture and Information Management and has delivered Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Analytics solutions in Life Sciences and Healthcare. She has defined and established Data and Database Administration functions, and taught Data Modeling, Database Design and Information Management as a University Assistant Professor. Her current interests are Data Security, Privacy and big data analytics.

Prior to starting his own company, Sanjiv Ranjan was the Director of IT Security, Privacy and Compliance at Genentech, responsible for establishing and communicating IT security, strategies, solutions roadmaps, policies, controls and governance. His team was also responsible for the engineering of the end-to-end IT security solutions, including identity management, network security, IT-DR, privacy, and compliance. With more than 25 years of IT leadership experience, Sanjiv has held a wide variety of leadership roles including Chief Architect at American Airlines, VP and Chief Architect of Enterprise Architecture at The Associates and Director of Core Services and Middleware at SprintPCS. He has an undergraduate degree in Production Engineering and a Masters in Computer Science.

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