The 9 Yards of Effectively Managing Data Projects
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  Sunil Kumar   Sunil Kumar
IT Eng Supervisor
DTE Energy


Thursday, May 3, 2012
09:40 AM - 10:30 AM

Level:  Intermediate

The topic of data management can be as broad as the milky way. However the specific scope of this study is limited to:
  • Data Conversion from Legacy to ERP
  • Data Compression, Consolidation and Replication
  • Massive OLTP reporting Vs Massive OLAP reporting
Several successful projects that delivered above requirements had their fair share of lessons learned in areas such as Data Profiling, Cleansing, Transformation, Conversion, Preservation, Integration, Modeling, MetaData Management, Driving Business strategies, et al. This study presents cases from various projects and covers areas of managing projects, tools and techniques and best practices.

An ardent devotee of Information Technology, Sunil has spent 18 years of his professional life in the industry. He has extensive solution delivery background, in addition to solid foundation in Infrastructure management . While he enjoys speaking in public, he travels a lot with his family. A sports and music lover, he is training in instrumental music.

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