S4: The New Data Warehouse - BIG Data, Real Time, Unstructured, Smart Analytics, Mobility Driven, Semantic Led...
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  Krish Krishnan   Krish Krishnan
Sixth Sense Advisors Inc


Thursday, May 3, 2012
01:15 PM - 04:30 PM

Level:  Intermediate

Are you wanting to know the Architecture of the Next Generation of Data Warehousing? Are you wondering how Hadoop, BIG Data, Smart Analytics, Unstructured data, Semantic technologies will impact your world and change the fundamentals of Data Warehousing? In this session, you will gain insights into the new world of Data Warehouse, how the new technologies are changing the way we design and build data warehouses, what will the new generation of reports and analytics look like and who are the companies that have forayed into this new world.

We will be discussing:

  1. New Data and Technologies
  2. New Data Warehouse Architecture Approaches
  3. Integration of BIG Data and Smart Analytics
  4. Impact of Mobile Solutions
  5. New Visualization Requirements

Mr. Krishnan is an expert in the strategy, architecture and implementation of high performance data warehousing solutions. He is a recognized data warehouse thought leader, writing and speaking at industry leading conferences, user groups and trade publications. He is the co-author of "Building the Unstructured Data Warehouse" along with Bill Inmon. In his years of professional experience he has been solving complex solution architecture problems spanning all aspects of data warehousing and business intelligence for Fortune 1000 clients. Krish leads the Data Warehouse Appliance and Architectures Expert Channel at BEyeNetwork.com and is helping drive and mature the data warehouse appliance market. Krish is the president of Sixth Sense Advisors Inc., a Chicago-area firm specializing in analyst services and management consulting services in Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Krish speaks at TDWI, DAMA, MIT, EDW and other leading conferences worldwide.

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