Target Governance for Metadata, Business Terminology and System Portfolio Documentation as Precursors to MDM
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  Dan Myers   Dan Myers
Principal Information Quality Educator


Wednesday, May 2, 2012
11:30 AM - 12:20 PM

Level:  Business / Non-Technical

This is a case-study about how Farmers Insurance has documented subject areas of key data elements, which support reference and master data management.
This class will be useful for organizations that struggle with diverse businesses units that don’t agree on definitions and many disparate sources of data. It will also be helpful for MDM project teams that are looking for a successful method of documenting and sharing subject area documentation as part of an integration/master data project.
How can data management professionals document and understand data subject areas and master data domains in a large portfolio of applications that are managed by disparate teams? Farmers Insurance understands that, without data governance, future Master Data Management efforts will not be successful. In 2009 Farmers adopted a business terms and metrics policy in conjunction with a metadata management policy in order to define attributes. This has facilitated integration of systems and alignment of subject areas required to integrate data in future MDM efforts. Additionally, Farmers has built out an extensive systems landscape of all of Farmers’ IT systems in order to understand the data flow and system of record for subject areas across legacy and modern systems. This presentation will focus on:
  • What are the business and technical definitions required in preparation for integration and how governance policies can be implemented
  • How a business glossary and metadata repository facilitate governance that improves the probability of successful integration/MDM projects
  • What diagrams have been useful to document existing systems landscapes for maximizing IT portfolio governance

Dan Myers (MBA, IQCP) is the principal educator of Data Quality Matters, an eLearning company focused on providing information and data quality learning material. Previously Dan worked as an applications developer, data modeler, and manager of data governance/data quality. Dan's fluency in Japanese enabled him to work in both the public and private sector in Japan.

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