5 Steps to Customer Master Data Integration
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  Mary Levins   Mary Levins
Master Data Manager


Thursday, May 3, 2012
09:40 AM - 10:30 AM

Level:  Intermediate

In April 2011 Alcon merged with Novartis, the parent company of CIBA VISION to become the largest eye care company in the world and the second largest division of Novartis. With this merger also came challenges to quickly integrate master data across SAP, Siebel, and JD Edwards to support new order entry and consolidated sales force processes.

This presentation will discuss 5 key steps used to integrate Customer Master Data across CIBA VISION and Alcon. The 5 steps to Customer Data Integration are:

  1. Extract
  2. Standardize
  3. Match
  4. Group
  5. Maintain

Strategies used for successful data integration will be described. Attendees will learn how CIBA VISION matched customer data across different enterprise environments to meet business integration objectives and how organizations can leverage data quality tools to achieve success.

Mary Levins is an Industrial Engineer with more than 10 years experience managing and governing master data across different domains including supplier/vendor, customer, finance, and material/item. She has worked in different industries including Health Care, Electronics, and Energy and has experience with many different ERP/CRM/BI environments. She most recently was responsible for Customer and Material master data across the North America region at CIBA VISION and led successful master data integration to support the company merge with Alcon to become the largest eye care company in the world.

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