Generic Data Model in Action (Examples in Oil & Gas Industry)
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  Mikitaka Hayashi   Mikitaka Hayashi
Information Manager
JGC Corporation


Wednesday, May 2, 2012
10:30 AM - 11:20 AM

Level:  Intermediate

Today's database systems are not talking with each other in one language, in one industry, and not even in one company, which brings confusions, misunderstandings and bad quality of data. While generic data models define the grammar of a new language and tell us where we find nouns, verbs and adjectives, the language will not be of any use without any vocabularies.

This presentation will:

  1. Describe problems of data definitions in database systems
  2. Introduce a concept of generic data models
  3. Show how the generic data model defines a language
  4. Show how the data model is expressed in Object Oriented paradigm
  5. Show how we inject words and definitions into the generic data model
  6. Introduce efforts and trials in Oil & Gas industry to unify the language to uniquely describe equipment and instruments (ISO 10303 and 15926)

Mikitaka Hayashi has 30 years of experience in Project Management and IT Management in the construction industry and 20 years of extensive experience in data management. He worked in various countries in South East Asia for 25 years before joining the JGC Corporation in Japan, working as their Chief Technical Manager and Project Information Manager. He has specialized in System Architecture and Data Modeling, particularly in the implementations of Generic Data Models in real world application systems. Recently, he has led the data integration among multiple enterprises in Joint Venture projects. He has been Vice President of the DAMA Japan Chapter and often speaks at conferences in Japan, introducing international concepts and standards into Japanese industries.

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