Leveraging the DAMA-DMBOK for Data Governance in your Business
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  Anne Marie Smith   Anne Marie Smith
Consultant - Enterprise Data Management
Alabama Yankee Systems, LLC


Thursday, May 3, 2012
08:30 AM - 09:20 AM

Level:  Intermediate

At over 400 pages the DAMA-DMBOK is a distillation of all things data management. Well received around the world, corporations are asking for practical guidance on the implementation of these best practices. This session takes this 'good read' book and pushes further: giving practical advice on how to leverage the DAMA-DMBOK in a data driven organization.
  • What to do first, who to involve, how to organize
  • Dimensions of data governance - Prioritization
  • Assess your data management maturity
  • Being 'lean'
  • Change impact and monitoring progress
  • Attendee review of some real implementations and critique

Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D. is a highly acclaimed data management professional, author and speaker in the fields of data stewardship and governance, data warehousing, data modeling, project management, IS strategic planning and metadata management. She holds a doctorate in Management Information Systems, and is a certified data management professional (CDMP) and project management professional (PM). Anne Marie has been a consultant in data management for organizations across many industries and she has taught in LaSalle University's and Rowan University's Management Information Systems departments. Anne Marie serves on the board of directors of DAMA International and is on the faculty of Northcentral University.

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